Non-Pharmaceutical and Surgical-Free Parkinson’s Treatment for all symptoms of PD including tremors, bradykinesia and impaired balance.

Our 100% natural therapies helps you lessen or almost completely eliminate your muscle stiffness and shakings so you can live a longer, more fulfilling and active life, We help you reduce the need for Parkinson’s medication and its side effects and the need for risky surgical procedures. It’s simple and easy too.

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Four sessions in and I am extremely pleased with the experience and all that I’ve learned, thus far. Dr. Abbey Jo is professional, overflows with knowledge and has a natural ability to put you at ease. She is passionate about her specialty, which is apparent in her work!

Veronica Elliott

Dr. Shulkin, is very patient and listens to you and treats you with the best process for what’s ailing you. I would definitely recommend her. She is extremely knowledgeable in holistic medicine and treatments.

Freda Quitko

Dr. Shulkin’s combination of acupuncture and natural medicine got my life back on track. She really cares about her patients. I absolutely recommend her.

Steven Murphy

Our unique blend of natural therapies works for all stages of PD and it’s symptoms including:

Tremor of arms, legs or head
Muscle rigidity
Soft or low voice
Hypomimia (facial expression)
Impaired balance and coordination
Difficult handwriting
Postural Issues
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Why Our Natural Parkinson’s Therapy Work So Well…

We Address The Root Cause

Our process includes finding and regulating the actual IMBALANCES of your specific, personal Parkinson’s symptoms. This is why so many have found relief with our therapies, even though other treatments didn’t help. Even those with a long history of PD have experienced significant relief.

We Use An All Natural Approach Your Doctor Doesn’t Know

Your doctor may have told you that besides the relief that you get from Levodopa you have to live with your symptoms and the side effects of the medication. The doctor says “This is the way it is”. That doesn’t mean there are no other treatments. It just means your doctor has run out of ideas or there aren’t conventional treatments available. We find that people who don’t respond well to conventional treatment often respond very well to our tested and proven natural approach.

We Awaken Your Body’s Own Natural Regulating System

Despite what you may have been lead to believe, your body is not “broken” and it IS possible to dramatically reduce your symptoms so you can have a better quality of life while take much less medication. That’s because your body never forgets how to regulate itself and is constantly trying to do that. It just needs the right support. Your body can still make its own regulating and balancing substances and our therapies help it do just that.

We Keep It Simple

Nearly eliminating your tremors, stiffness and other PD symptoms does not have to be difficult. Simple, targeted lifestyle and diet changes, along with our natural therapies, are a very clear and concise way to attack the problem head on.

Your initial consultation is free. Come meet us in person and learn more.

Or, just call 786-368-0076 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions

Here’s How We Help Reduce Your Parkinson’s Progression and Symptoms

Core Factors Assessment

First we assess your situation to determine the imbalances causing your Parkinson’s symptoms. This can be different for everyone.

Precise Plan of Attack

Next we come up with a clear, concise and focused treatment plan to correct the imbalance along with any other symptoms you might be experiencing (such as poor sleep, low energy, constipation, swallowing or mood). Your treatment plan will include one or more of the following therapies: acupuncture, targeted nutritional supplements, herbs and therapeutic exercises.

Acupuncture Neuroendocrine Resetting

We will do weekly gentle acupuncture sessions targeted towards adjusting your endocrine and nervous systems and strengthening your body’s natural regulating mechanisms to significantly reduce your tremors, bradykinesia, hypomimia and other Parkinson’s symptoms.

Targeted Nutritional Support

We make sure you have a nutritional plan that supports the regulation of the enzymes, cells and tissues that have been depleted and are aggravating your PD symptoms.

Ensure Stable, Lasting Results

Once we’ve achieved consistent relief, we will gradually reduce the frequency of the treatments, to ensure the results will last.

Your initial consultation is free. Come meet us in person and learn more.

Or, just call 786-368-0076 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions

Common Questions & Answers

Does it hurt?

The needles are extremely thin, about the width of a strand of hair. They are much thinner than hypodermic needles. They cause no pain because they are extremely sharp

Will I have to spend a lot of time coming in for treatments?

Most of our patients are able to get great results with once-weekly visits. We can discuss this in more detail at your free consultation.

How long does it take to see results?

People often feel a shift after the first treatment. Acupuncture is a very powerful way to stimulate endorphins release, which is the most powerful relaxing substance the body makes.

Will I have to keep coming forever?

The vast majority of patients don’t need long-term intensive treatment. Once their condition has stabilized less frequent visits are required.

Is natural medicine REALLY powerful enough to alleviate my Parkinson’s symptoms?

Natural medicine actually helps your body make more of it’s own medicine which is more powerful and potent then any man-made medicine.

What are my chances of success?

Results vary, of course. That being said, over 60% of our patients report improvement in the severity of their Parkinson’s symptoms such as intention tremors and stiffening muscles. Many are able to reduce their medication use. However, your situation is unique and once we meet with you, we will be able to give you our best estimate of time and prognosis of outcome.

Your initial consultation is free. Come meet us in person and learn more.

Or, just call 786-368-0076 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions


Our Unique blend of holistic medical therapies gets ALL your body’s healing resources going in the same direction.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment - Acupuncture


Calms stress, clears neuroendocrine pathways and promotes circulation.

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Transmits nature’s intelligence to heal damaged nerve cells and tissues.

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Targeted nutrition for depleted glands and tissues.

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Focuses and calms the mind and emotions to maximize your body’s healing resources.

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