Acu-Ozone Injection Therapy

We are pleased to be able to provide patients with alternative and holistic solutions to both acute and chronic pain. Often patients dealing with pain are left with very few options for relief. The conventional solution to many types of musculoskeletal and joint pain is a life time of prescription pain medications which are often addictive, along with expensive and invasive reconstruction surgeries. Thankfully, now there are other options available to you!

Acu-Ozone Therapy is a form of non-surgical reconstruction of the connective tissues and joints throughout the body. Chronic pain sufferers have found great relief and even full recovery after receiving Acu-Ozone Therapy in our office. Dr. Abbey Jo Shulkin is a firm believer in the positive role Acu-Ozone Therapy plays in the recovery and reconstruction of damaged tendons, ligaments, joints, and muscles.


Unlike other solutions to chronic pain, Acu-Ozone Therapy corrects the underlying cause of the problem, allowing the body to heal itself naturally. This highly effective alternative to pain medication and often ineffective surgeries is incredibly safe, proven highly successful, and cost-effective. By combining the natural element of ozone with other natural medicines, Acu-Ozone Therapy can easily provide relief after a single injection. 


Acu-Ozone Therapy helps to:

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