Anti-Aging Collagen Injections

Collagen is the skin’s most abundant protein. It’s found in your bones, cartilage, skin, and tendons.With the breakdown of collagen occurring in the body after a certain age, collagen injections can replace your body’s original supply of collagen. By supplementing your skin's collagen, injections help smooth facial lines and some types of scars. The natural beauty of your skin is increased as the contour of the support structure is restored. At Gold Coast Medical Specialists we use a proprietary blend of collagen, homeopathic remedies, hyaluronic acid and numbing agents for your comfort while injecting. 

Collagen injections reduce wrinkles in specific facial areas including the:


For results lasting up to 2 years the following protocol is recommended: weekly collagen injections for 10 consecutive weeks followed by quarterly (every 3 months) touch ups. Results can be seen after the first injections. Packages available.

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